The 10 Backup & Archiving Data Myths – INFOGRAPHIC

Businesses want to protect their sensitive data, but some treat backup & archiving as an afterthought. Why? One key reason is that the internet is awash in misinformation These myths need to be busted so that businesses can fully protect themselves.

Download our infographic on the big 10 misconceptions about backup & archiving–debunked.

the 10 backup and archiving data myths social graphic

How can you protect your sensitive data?

Yunatech Backup Suite provides an industry-leading Microsoft 365 Backup and Archiving solution. Our solutions include many features specifically designed to make backup fast, easy, and secure. It’s not just your files and business data that are protected Yunatech Backup Suite has a full email archive facility as well.

6 Reasons why you should use Yunatech Backup Suite

  1. Automate the Backup Process Easily – and with unlimited storage
  2. Easy Administration – Our single-pane-of-glass admin for simple user management
  3. Advanced Search – no more hours of hunting for missing files
  4. 1-Click Restore – Perhaps the most popular feature is 1-Click restore and download
  5. Military-Grade Security – keep those pesky hackers out
  6. Analytics for Business Optimization – Business intelligence reports are made easy with our free analytics toolkit

If you are still unsure as to whether you need a more robust backup for your Microsoft 365 data read our blog post ‘Top 5 Reasons to Backup Microsoft 365

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