Yunatech Backup Suite Case Study: ARC:MC Ltd

To find out more about how the Yunatech backup Suite can help businesses protect their data, we caught up with, Emily McNeal, Compliance Manager for ARC:MC Ltd.

ARC:MC Ltd is an architectural, BIM and Structural Engineering practice, based in London, Dubai, Manila & Ireland. The Yunatech project was implemented in their London Head Office consisting of 28, architects, structural engineers &  BIM managers (Building Information Modelling). Emily looks after all the various quality assurance, environmental, health and safety, project delivery and general overall compliance issues which includes data protection, IT processes and procedures.

What were the issues and solutions?

EmilyWe had recently moved over to Microsoft Azure across the business and part of that process also meant that we picked up SharePoint. We started using SharePoint as an internal intranet system to collate all of our internal documents, our ops manuals processes and procedures, and templates. We also created a separate page within SharePoint for our own common data exchange (CDE) to help deliver our BIM projects. The issue that we found was that SharePoint only had a 90-day retention policy and for most businesses that’s ok but for what we needed and wanted to deliver, we needed an extended retention period plus a backup, as this was essentially going to be part of our project delivery offering.

The Yunatech Team suggested the Yunatech Backup Suite, powered by DropSuite, as the solution and a relatively inexpensive solution too. It covered a vast area of our IT system and not just the SharePoint platform that I needed it to, including all of our outlook and emails, Microsoft Teams, chat and videos etc in fact all of our data in all forms but most importantly the SharePoint pages that we have created.

We got to a point in a particular project where we didn’t want to proceed until we knew we had security in place. A lot of our projects are high-level technology, extremely data-heavy and with high levels of confidentiality and need robust data backup and security. The Yunatech backup Suite gave us peace of mind, knowing we had all the necessary security and backup we needed, to continue safely with the project.”

How was the onboarding process?

“We signed up immediately. Onboarding was very straightforward; we almost didn’t know it was happening. From sign-off to implementation it was just a mere couple of days. We went to them with the question ‘how can improve our retention periods and have a better backup process’. Yunatech came back to us with the solution, and a price, and had already checked that it would fit with our existing privacy policies, GDPR and all the necessary security checks completed. All we had to do was say yes and it was a ‘no-brainer’.  As far as the team are concerned there is no difference, Yunatech Backup Suite works seamlessly in the background and is provided by our existing IT support team meaning there was no additional 3rd Party IT Consultancy so we keep just the one point of contact for all our IT solutions.”


Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have the right retention periods for certain documents, that we have to have in place as designers of specialist projects. We also need to have the utmost data security, which the Yunatech Backup Suite provides. It is an inexpensive solution but extremely efficient one delivered by an expert team.”


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