Exclaimer signature management cloud

Anyone who has been involved with applying an organization-wide policy for email signatures knows it is a truly frustrating and repetitive task. What should be straightforward can take an unreasonable amount of time to accomplish.

Traditional methods for managing email signatures are difficult to implement and require certain IT skills. Organizations find themselves needing a solution that delivers consistent email signatures for all users with minimal effort. Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud offers a new way to create and manage email signatures for all users.

Exclaimer signature management cloud
Exclaimer signature management cloud dashboard

Exclaimer signature management cloud allows you to design and control consistently branded email signatures via an intuitive, easy-to-use web portal. You can then include additional elements such as promotional banners, social media icons, and legal disclaimers.

It also offers multiple methods for deploying email signatures, removing the burden on employees and substantially cutting IT admin overheads. This ensures all users get a professional email signature when sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles.


Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

  • Enforce consistent signatures on every email.
  • Create professional designs in minutes.
  • Get accurate contact details in all templates.
  • Deploy designs to specific users/departments.
  • Target select audiences with content.
  • Schedule certain signatures designs to change automatically.

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