Yunatech Case Study: Paul Fox Photography

To find out how Yunatech can support small and medium businesses with their IT services we caught up with Paul Fox from Paul Fox Photography and in a previous role Graphic Station.

About Paul Fox Photography

Paul Fox Photography is a boutique photography service and studio based in Essex. They do bespoke headshots for corporate clients and creative, passionate family portrait photography. They also specialise in event photography especially sporting events like football presentations, boxing & martial art shows and much more.

What Services do Yunatech Provide for you?

Paul “I have been working with Yunatech for 15 years plus, previously with Graphic Station, a large format printers, where Joe and his team helped us to migrate our IT Services to the Cloud. He also helped us with website, hosting, emails, software and server. In print you are working with huge files, so large safe and secure storage is critical, Yunatech provided us with a

paul “yunatech are competent, professional and easy to work with. joe is a ‘geek’ you would go for a drink with!

server to backup all our clients files and artwork. Also, the nature of graphics work means you need a lot of processing power, Yunatech provided us with the tools to get the job done.

With my Photography business Yunatech looks after my website, emails and Microsoft Office 365. For 15 years this has been my personal passion, I need to have absolute trust. I know that I can ring or email anytime to say I have got this ‘situation’ its reassuring to know there is someone just at the end of the phone. I think it’s the personal engagement from the team rather than an anonymous call centre that makes the difference.”

Why would you Recommend Yunatech?

Paul “I’ve been delighted to have been able to recommended Yunatech to a number of contacts and clients and they have always done a really good job. I would particular recommend Yunatech to small and medium businesses, where budgeting is crucial. One of the ways that Yunatech offers their billing is through blocks of pre-paid hours. So, there is no retainer fee and this way you only pay for what you use and you know you have got hours in the bank for when you need them.”

How would you describe working with Yunatech?

Paul “Well, what can I say about Yunatech? I’ve worked with them for many, many years.

They’re our IT arm of any business that I have worked with. I’ve also taken them into companies in my day jobs as well as in my own businesses.

I’ve also recommended Yunatech to maybe four or five companies and they feel exactly the same about them as I do. They do what they say on the tin, they’re extremely professional and reliable and cost effective. So, for me, there would never be a problem with recommending Yunatech to any business and long may they continue.”

In summary

Paul “Yunatech are competent, professional and easy to work with. Joe is a ‘geek’ you would go for a drink with!”

If you would like to find out how Yunatech could help support your business please get in touch.

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