Empowering Marketing Professionals with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is the perfect solution for empowering marketing professionals to use email signatures as a new communications channel.

More organizations understand the potential of using email signatures as an advertising channel. They want to easily ensure brand consistency on business emails but also turn email signatures into a fully-fledged digital communications platform. However, it’s difficult to manage email signatures without relying on inefficient methods. Worst still, marketing teams often don’t have the means to update email signatures effectively.

There is a simple solution, Yunatech can provide Exclaimer Marketing Cloud. Exclaimer makes email signature management simple through an intuitive signature designer and simple deployment rules. The solution also transforms email signatures into new opportunities for promoting messages, engaging across social media, sharing awards, and establishing your brand’s personality. Better still, every email signature template you create can be reported on using powerful analytics dashboards.

If you want to:

  • Present a professional look and feel on every single corporate email.
  • Use email signatures as an easy and cost-effective way to present your key messages to a large audience.
  • Covertly add marketing messages to trusted emails that effectively engage intended audiences.
  • Empower end-users to maintain the accuracy of their email signature contact information.
  • Use powerful analytics to fine-tune your email signature campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Generate more qualified leads with powerful calls to action placed within your email signatures.

then Exclaimer Marketing Cloud is your ideal solution Download our fact sheet now for more information.

empowering marketing professionals with exclaimer signature marketing cloud

Or if you would like to talk to the Yunatech Team about how Exclaimer Marketing Cloud could help promote your business please get in contact.

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